Quality Control
Quality comes first

When it comes to quality, our mission is to provide our customers with excellent quality and constant improvements.

Constantly improving our product quality is how we hold our leading position in the market. Excellent quality is imperative to our continued growth and survival. Our rigorous testing procedure strictly controls our defective rate, holding it under 1%, even during peak season in production.

Our products have won vast acclaim among our customers and end users.

Xingya meets all GMP standards (China) and has attained all of the following quality certifications:
  • Our management team is acutely aware of the importance of the quality of our products and shall not neglect any part of the production process. From the acquisition of raw materials to shipping our products out the door, we meticulously examine our products every step of the way.

    Our quality approach is focused not only on our products but on our relationship to our customers as well. We have professional and highly educated sales team, they are young with passion.

    We explore customer with different Chanels, You can find our booth in different CphI annually, like CphI in Indonesia, India, and Abu Dhabi etc…You can also find us active in different social media, like Facebook, Linkedin etc. It is our duty to provide our customers with everything they need in the most smooth and stress-free way possible. Our high-caliber staff is always alert to answer any and all customer needs.