Main process glass production process

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More attention to glass industry friends could always hear people mention glass processing. We often come into contact with all kinds of glass containers, but due to a lot of people understanding of glass industry is not enough in-depth, and surrounding it produced all kinds of problems.

1.The main process, glass production process

Glass production technology mainly includes:
(1) raw material preparation. Will block the raw material (quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.), the damp raw material is dry, will be in addition to iron iron raw material processing, to ensure the quality of glass.
(2) material preparation.
(3) melted. Glass batch in pool kiln or pool in furnace for high temperature (1550 ~ 1600 degrees), heating, forming uniform, no bubble, and meet the requirements of the molding liquid glass.
(4) shape. The liquid into the mould made into the required shape of glass glass products, such as tablets, all kinds of vessels, etc.
(5) heat treatment. Eliminated by annealing, quenching, such as technology, or producing glass internal stress, split phase or crystallization, and the structure of glass state.

2. the glass bottle as a packing container

(1) cut off, glass material has good performance, can be very good to prevent with oxygen and other gas content, and at the same time can prevent built-in objects can be volatile composition volatilizes into the atmosphere;
(2)glass can be used repeatedly, can reduce the packaging cost;
(3) glass can be more easily to change a color and transparency;
(4)glass safety and health, and good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion, acid suited for packaging (if vegetable juice drinks, etc.);


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